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Promo items ordering guidelines

This promo item store is created and budgeted for the IMI Critical Americas employees (including Canada and Latin America). Generally, the items are to be used for customer's gifts and customer-facing attire. This includes tradeshows, seminars, presentations, lunch n learns, customer visits to offices, etc.


If you need items for a department meeting or department giveaways, please contact Crystal Sebring to put in a separate order, as these types of orders do not come out of the marketing budget.


If you would like to order for personal use, please put in your order and you can make out a check to IMI Critical Engineering for the total amount and give the check to Crystal or Ed Alvizuri.

How Do I Place An Order?

Please browse the items and see what you would like for your business purpose. Be aware that there are ladies options and they have a yellow banner at the top of the item to identify them. When you decide on an item, click on the picture and it will give you the option to order. In the quantity button, it will only allow you to order up to what is available. Add your items to the cart and check-out. The order will be sent to Crystal and she will send out. Please explain the reason for the order and the date it's needed (see below).


Payment & Shipping

There are no payment or shipping charges that will get charged to you. The prices are to give you an idea of the value of the item and to keep a running tally. There is no policy on how much you can spend, it is dependent on what you need it for. In the checkout page, please put the reason for the order under the "What is the reason for the order" and also type in the date you need the items in this same field. 


Don't see what you like?

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to give your customers, please contact Crystal to give her ideas of items. 



Thank you for putting in your order!
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